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Online Application – Free Credit Report Instructions

Welcome to Creditinfo Jamaica Online Application Process.  Please read all the instructions below then click on

ID Verification

Please note – To use the online process you will need a device with a camera

You’ll be redirected to the ID Verification Page, where you will provide your consent by clicking on

I Agree


  1. Take video selfies.
  2. Select ID Type (Drivers Licence, Passport or Voter’s ID).
  3. Hold up ID to the camera and take pictures of the front and then the back.
  4. Complete all the required fields and click “Submit”.
  5. Your Credit Report will be sent to the email address used during the application process.


1. Ensure proper lighting is in place to produce a clear image of your face.
2. Mobile Devices make the face validation process a bit easier than using a Computer.
1. Ensure there is proper lighting.
2. When using a phone: Instead of holding up an ID to a Mobile Device, the process works better when placed on a flat surface
(place ID on a flat surface with solid colored background) and use the rear camera such that the image is visible on the screen.
3. Align the id within the frame and then click capture.
4. If using a laptop, try to hold steady and ensure finger doesn’t block the id information including face or ID number.

If ID validation is successful, you will be redirected to the Credit Report Application Form.

If unsuccessful after 2 attempts, please call Customer Service at 876-633-7023 for assistance.

Proceed to Identity Validation

Facial Verification with ID


***For support call 876 633-7023/876 618-3735 or email us at