Creditinfo Group Hf.

Creditinfo Group Hf., a privately owned Icelandic company established in 1997, has been one of the fastest developing companies in the industry, having particularly made a name for itself in Central and Eastern European markets. The company has experienced above average growth between 1998 and 2007 exceeding 50% annually, with sales reaching € 22M and the entire Group having 450 employees in subsidiaries in 11 countries.

The non-Icelandic part of Creditinfo Group Hf. was transferred in 2009 to a new company owned 50% by SCHUFA Holding AG., a German company established in 1927 and owned by the major creditors in Germany, including all the major banks. The new company was named Creditinfo SCHUFA GmbH and headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany. In 2011, Creditinfo Group purchased 100% of Creditinfo SCHUFA GmbH and renamed it Creditinfo International.

Creditinfo Group offers diversified services in the area of Credit Risk Management, with information provision as the core of services including tools for decision making, models and software.

Coalesce Credit Solutions Ltd.

Coalesce Credit Solutions is a Jamaican company, founded in 2010 by young entrepeneurs Damion Franklin and Craig Stephen. The goal of the company was to secure a qualified strategic partner to provide world class Credit Reporting and Bureau services in Jamaica.

It has partnered with Creditinfo Group Hf. to form Creditinfo Jamaica Ltd. in which it holds a 20% share.