Free Consumer Creditinfo Report

You have 4 Credit Report options

  1. Free Credit Report (without Credit Score)
  2. Score Report (only) : $1,150 inclusive of G.C.T. – For the payment option see below
  3. Second Credit Report (without Credit Score): $1,725 inclusive of G.C.T. – For the payment option see below
  4. Second Credit report Plus (with Credit Score): $2,300 inclusive of G.C.T. – For the payment option see below

Apply for your Credit Report Now

If you are 18 years of age or older, you are entitled to one FREE copy of your credit report at any time during a calendar year. Pulling this FREE copy enables you to confirm your credit status and validate the accuracy of all the information reported by the institution(s) to which you have your exposures.

Free Business Creditinfo Report


Every registered business is entitled to one free copy of its credit report each calendar year. A request may be also made for a Score Report which costs $1,000 plus GCT.

Application Requirements include:

  • a Completed Business Consumer Report Application Form stamped with the company stamp
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Business TRN
  • and a valid government ID for 2 directors or for 1 director and 1 company secretary

(Valid IDs include passport, driver’s license, or national ID). Proof of address is required if a passport is being used.

The credit report will be emailed. A printed copy may also be requested (in office) at a cost of $25 per page.

DOWNLOAD FORM HERE: Business Consumer Report Application Form-ME


You may send us a:

  • Completed Business Consumer Report Application Form stamped with the company stamp.
  • The Certificate of Registration.
  • Business TRN.
  • Certified Copies of a government-issued ID for 2 directors or for 1 director and 1 company secretary. Approved officials for certification are Justices of the Peace (signature and seal) or Attorneys-at-Law.

Hard Copies should be delivered to our office at:
Creditinfo Jamaica Limited
25 Dominica Drive
Kingston 5


We accept  credit cards, debit cards, or direct deposits to our

Current account number 351096446 held at

National Commercial Bank, 

1-7 Knutsford Boulevard Branch.

If the direct deposit method is used, please forward proof to



Each consumer is required to apply for their credit report directly from the Bureau before filing a dispute. If you identify inaccuracies in your report and wish to challenge this information, you may register a dispute with the Bureau to have the matter investigated. A completed Dispute Form is required to register a dispute.

DOWNLOAD FORM HEREData Query Form_V2_Revised 2020

Notes to Completing the Dispute Form

  1. Fill in your personal information at the top
  2. The name of the credit information provider (the institution where you have or had the loan) e.g. NCB/BNS etc.
  3. What is incorrect (the current information stated on the credit report)
  4. Making reference to the Contract Code provided on the Credit Report. (Cannot be found on Page #2)
  5. What is correct (a true statement of what the report should be reflecting)
  6. Sign and date at “signature of the complainant” – written signature/E-signature

If you are disputing contracts for multiple institutions, please fill out a separate dispute form for each institution

Name of Credit Information Provider is the name of the institution which reported the incorrect information. Once a dispute is registered, the Bureau will liaise with the reporting institution to have the matter investigated and corrected where applicable. This process takes up to fourteen days. On completion of the investigation, you will be notified of the outcome. If the credit information was amended, you will receive an updated credit report via email and a copy will also be sent to each institution that pulled your report in the last six months.

For any other requests or queries please contact Customer Service at 876-633-7023 or


Opening Hours and Location

“Due to the recent update in the Government imposed curfew hours,

our office will close at 12 noon on Thursday, April 1st, 2021.

 We will resume our regular business hours on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021.”

 Kindly also include the street number under Payment Method: 1-7 Knutsford Boulevard

Mon – Fri | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Creditinfo Jamaica Limited
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