Credit Life Cycle

Creditinfo supports you with products and services throughout the credit customer life cycle:

  • Prospect
  • Evaluation
  • Monitoring
  • Debt Management

One of the fundamental requirements when acquiring new customers lies in the availability of comprehensive and up to date data.

In order to identify the right prospects for your business, Creditinfo Jamaica will offer a range of Marketing Services, which cover the creation of prospect lists up to full fledged outsourcing services.

Starting a business with new customers leads to fundamental questions for the safety of your company’s financial situation. Such as which payment terms could be offered and how high should the credit limits be? With the right information these decisions are easier to take.

With our risk management products you participate from the skills of an experienced team and the access to multiple data sources.

It is not only important to check your risks with new customers, but the same way with your existing customers. External information should always complete the company’s internal available information in order to have a full perspective on the customers financial and operative situation.

Credit relevant information does not only play a crucial role in the application process, but the same way when it comes how to deal with outstanding invoices. A credit report delivers substantial input to determine the customer value and to deal with these accordingly.

By adding external information, you are able to differentiate and optimise the decisions and processes in debt management and will be able to lower your process costs as well as increase your success in collection.

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