Creditinfo Report Plus

The Creditinfo Report Plus is the most comprehensive report that extends Creditinfo Report with our scoring information – Creditinfo Predictor. It includes credit information from the Credit Information Providers and information about inquiries made on a subject. It allows the customer to assess the repayment capabilities and view the record of repayments on previous and current loans

The Creditinfo Predictor has been developed to provide users with a single assessment of the individual. The score is represented by a number from 250 to 900 which is also accompanied by a risk grade ranging from A to E. Essentially, the higher the score the lower the risk. To interpret the score, the key drivers of the score are shown in a series of reason codes. The reason codes are frequently used in manual underwriting as an indication of the areas that require in-depth review.

Creditinfo will conduct constant reviews and statistical analysis on the Creditinfo Predictor to ensure users have the most predictive and effective risk assessment tool available to them.

For individuals looking to use the details in addition to the score, the report is structured so that all key information in summary is under a tab called the Dashboard. This summary is further enhanced with a series of traffic light indicators. For in depth analysis, users can navigate through section by section using the tabs specific to each section on the Dashboard. This approach using both the summary and detail ensures the Creditinfo report is suitable for both new and experienced underwriters.