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ID Eye is an integrated solution pioneered by Creditinfo Jamaica Limited to discourage and prevent scammers from carrying out their objectives. The process by which an institution will access this solution is independent of the process to pull a credit report allowing the option for them to validate customers prior to the application process. The ultimate benefit of determining the eligibility of a client before they fill out an application form is therefore achieved by using this solution.

This solution was designed with the aim to stimulate efficiency throughout the credit life cycle. By pre-screening their clients, the institution will achieve optimum productivity time that would be typically lost in processing a transaction for an illegitimate client. It also means that resources that would generally be dedicated to recover debts and manage damages incurred by these scammers would not be required. The institution is therefore able to increase their overall productivity and maximise on their key performance indicators by using this solution.

ID EYE, the most inexpensive of our product suite, is managed by an intelligent interface between our Credit Bureau Solution (CBS) and the sources of the identity information. The information provided by the solution promises to be the most accurate representation of an individuals’ identity on the premise that the information displayed is only extracted from the source at the point of each request.