Instant and Digital Customer Onboarding (eKYC)

Instant and Digital
Customer Onboarding

Our Digital Onboarding solution brings you a completely customizable KYC process built around automated Identity Validation & Verification according to industry next and best practices.

Advantages of Digital Onboarding

Reliable and Trustworthy Onboarding

This system has best-in-class Face Match technology with low to no error rates. It detects fraudulent IDs via reference database checks to ensure the authenticity of data while live selfie video validates human presence.

Identity Validation & Verification

This solution is highly adaptable to your market needs. Persons and documents from any country can be identified. The integration process is quick and requires few resources.


Integral Solution

This KYC platform covers all the processes related to customer onboarding, data validation, and monitoring.

Use Cases

Banking and Finance

Tools for Identity verification and digital onboarding facilitate innovations in financial industry. There is no need to come to the service center thus, evryone’s time is saved.

Online Lending

Easy solution for fraud prevention: a possibility to cross-check application data.


Fintech startups and traditional players can introduce new business models using new online tools while reducing costs and traction for consumer interaction.

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You may make an official request to demonstrate the process. For businesses interested in implementing the product on their platforms.