Portfolio Monitoring

Combines the power of Creditinfo’s credit-active consumer database with the precision of prescreened target lists built around credit based attributes and various scoring models, enabling you to increase acquisition by pursuing the markets and customers which have greater propensity to benefit your portfolio. Creates the ideal target list by leveraging more than 1,500 credit attributes, including event and behavior based triggers, and allows you to create your own credit based attributes.

Key Benefits of Portfolio Screening

  • Pre-screen customers before you contact them for upgrades
  • Minimise rejections to customers that you make a promotion to, to reduce poor customer service and disappoint existing customers
  • Increase the value of the offer to ensure that you maximise offers to low risk customers that can afford more credit
  • Automatic Credit Limit increase
  • Make the Pricing offers Risk Based

You can increase sales opportunities and improve customer loyalty through better targeted offers. Quickly and easily identify cross-selling opportunities by automatically qualifying new or existing customers who have been pre-screened for selected products or services.