Risk Management

Through an experienced team of experts, Creditinfo is able to provide a broad range of solutions to meet the demands of the risk management community including:

  • Decision Modelling
  • Decision Consultancy
  • Decision Monitoring Software

The products and services are often combined to deliver extensive solutions to the challenges faced by credit providers. For example, for an organization implementing new application processing we would normally provide both Application Scoring and Strategy Assignment Consultancy.

Predict the future with our decision modelling

The models provided through our decision modeling services form integral components of the risk management environment for many organizations across Europe. The services range from scorecard development, Credit Bureau scores and ratings, risk estimates required for Basel II IRB and marketing prospecting and churn models

Let us guide you through your business challenges

Our decision consultancy services can be adapted to solve any business problem one might face as a risk executive.  Whether that challenge strategic or operational, our clients look to us for honest, objective, thoughtful, and experienced advice. We have tailored specific products to meet the most frequent challenges; each of these will be tailored to meet the exact needs of each client.

We will bring incisive interpretation of your portfolio with our decision monitoring service

Decision Monitoring has three components, data management, report production and incisive interpretation. In our experience we have seen that the process of decision monitoring is too often a process which is concluded after the second phase.  We however believe there is considerable business value to be gained from incisive interpretation. Let your Portfolio speak with our decision monitoring service.